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BlackBerry Q10 Ready to Arrive in the US Market by May-June

Before, there were lots of news about the US releases of BlackBerry Q10, a sleek design and rich features carried device from BlackBerry, but the company finally confirmed the release of this device in the Us market. As per the recent interview, the most amazing and anticipated device, Q10 will be arrived in the US market by May-June.

This news saddens the US customers as they need to wait for this wonderful device until May. Even I am also quite upset by hearing this news as I am more attracted towards this device rather than BlackBerry Z10.

On this week’s press conference, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said “The Q10 phone, which offers a traditional physical keyboard, will probably launch eight to 10 weeks after the launch of Z10 model”. We all know that BlackBerry Z10 has been launched in the UK and Canada market, but US customers also have to wait for this device until mid-March.

Thorsten Heins also said in an interview with Associated Press “We need to respect that. Am I a bit disappointed? Yeah, I would be lying saying no. But it is what it is, and we’re working with all our carrier partners to speed it up as much as we can”.

Well, these two amazing devices will decide the success of BlackBerry as the company has lost its huge prestige after Apple and Android shares in the market. We can say that both these gadgets will decide that whether there are success bells ringing for BlackBerry or not. According to me, yes success bells are ringing for BlackBerry because both the gadgets offer some awesome macabre features that make everyone go crazy. Hey wait, wait, I am not sure about everyone, but I am gonna crazy for BlackBerry Q10, and I am dying to get one in my hand. Its beautiful and shiny screen, vintage keyboard, stunning features, sleek & slim look, etc. make me crazy, and I just crossed my-fingers to get one in my palm.

When it comes to BlackBerry Z10, it has been released in the U.K. and Canada market last Thursday. Providing more information on Z10 Thorsten Heins, a CEO of BlackBerry said “Early data suggest that a substantial number of U.K. users are moving from other systems to BlackBerry, even though RIM initially targeted longtime BlackBerry users”. He also added “It's beyond expectations, White is sold out already. The black is hard to stock up again. It's very encouraging. I won't share the number because I need to verify it, but we are getting a substantial number of users moving from other platforms to BlackBerry."

Well I also checked complete features and specifications of Z10 and really, it is also a beautiful device. Recently, I also share my review on its each spec that you can find here ((Blackberry Z10 Review and Specifications)).


We can say that it is big news for BlackBerry that lots of people in U.K. are moving from other platforms to BlackBerry, but US customers still have to wait for these much-anticipated smart-phones. All we can do is keep waiting for this marvelous and spectacular BlackBerry Q10 that surely gives a wonderful experience while using. Well, I am surely going to wait for this device. What about you? Are you going to wait for it?

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